Sunday, December 31, 2017

phew 2017!

So it’s time to scroll through my Instagram posts to remind myself what I did for the past year LOL

This is the first full year in my current job and I’d like to believe that I’ve finally settled in. There are going to be a couple of shifts next year though (a LOT of diplomats are ending their term in the Philippines) so good luck with acclimating again and preserving my sanity.

Just realized that I had way too many swimming trips this year (not complaining). Boracay in January, two Dive and Trek trips (thank you jacks for always being there!), El Nido (WAY TOO MUCH FUN I WANNA LIVE THERE FOREVER), La Union (with an unfortunate jellyfish encounter, with scars still visible til today), Lakawon in Bacolod during my birthday trip, and swimming with the whalesharks once again in Oslob. No wonder this is the darkest I’ve been in recent memory.

Also went on a few hikes – Tinipak in Rizal (got to swim inside a cave!), Masungi Georeserve (met new friends and had way more fun than expected), and Mt. Seorak in Sokcho, Korea (pending travel video soon hihi). I’m itching to explore waterfalls in 2018, so here’s to hoping I can muster enough energy to do so.

Got to finally see Taiwan and check out their food – which was awesome but I’m still biased towards Korean and Japanese fare – the truffle xiao long bao in Din Tai Fung though, I’m willing to sell my soul for. And of course, had my annual Korea trip with my friends in November. I think this is the longest gap in between Korea trips ever since I caught the bug around 5 years ago. Kung kailan nasa Korean embassy na ko saka pa ko bihirang magKorea haha.

If my jampacked December calendar is any indication, I got to see more of my friends this year LOL and we have two new babies in the fold!

I wasn’t able to do most of my personal projects (because I’m just lazy?), though I finally caved in and bought a new laptop so that I can tackle my video editing backlog.

For the first few months in 2017 I was very restless for some reason (i.e. naghahanap ng roadtrip, gusto lang umeskapo). But all in all it was a fun and steady year – with only minor hiccups because I like to induce drama (in my head) once in a while. I hope I will be less restless in 2018. I’m scared for my birthday – 34 – because, you know, it’s closer to 35 lmao. I plan to do my last bucketlist trip in 2018 as well – UK – after that, I can now be an adult and seriously save for retirement haha.

So my favorite color is also Pantone’s Color of the Year for 2018! I hope that’s a sign of good things to come. Thank you (why are you still reading my blog though?) for being a part of it and cheers again to another year!

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