Thursday, March 08, 2018

emergency run

Little did I know that a weekend of intense physical activity and half a year of not listening to my body (kasalanan ko talaga LOL) will lead to this...

Welcome to my first legit medical emergency...ever LOL. Emergency room levels (had a bad episode in my CR, good thing my mom's at my condo) to various tests (para na kong nag-APE) to handling this "growth" until I get a schedule for the surgery in a span of a few days.

Anyway, had an endometrial polyp which was taken out yesterday. Outpatient surgery but still cost a lot. Kinda annoyed that this didn't happen when I had better (and less headache-y) healthcare. For a person that almost never goes to a hospital, you can just imagine my tourist face at the delivery room (before they knocked me out with the general anesthesia hehe).

So now I'm at home, trying not to move too much (doctor's orders) and killing time with pending laptop stuff (such as this blog). The recommended bed rest is two weeks but I seriously can't afford to do that (I already cancelled one business trip because of this) and to be honest I generally feel fine (which makes me more antsy).

Good luck to me being productive. And I installed Netflix so...

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