Wednesday, February 01, 2017


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couple of shades darker (way too hot for January)

awesome way to end the first month of the new year (or to start the year, but I'm not Chinese)

to more beach trips this 2017!

Saturday, December 31, 2016

2016 O_O

Wow. And here I thought 2015 was eventful. If 2015 was crazy fun, this year was just plain crazy haha. Still, it’s a net positive given how interesting the year has been. Now I’m wondering how 2017 can possibly match up to this, hmmm…

As if I’m not already in the poverty threshold post-Europe trip, I made matters worse (financially) by having a lot of random food/drinking trips, boardgame sessions, and plain hangouts this year. Good for socializing, bad for the pocket lolz. No regrets though, I was resolved to go out more this year (as per last year’s post) so mission accomplished ^^

A lot of trips: Iloilo/Guimaras – Caliraya – Korea Round 1 (Jeju and Jinhae!) – Baler – Taal - Singapore – Japan – Korea Round 2 (my 10th trip!). A lot of shows: Exolution (which was pretty traumatic in a way) - Les Miserables (awesome!) – iKON (double awesome). And a lot of crazy stories.

And in the course of all of that, I wasn’t able to do most of my personal projects list (my bad). Work and massive online chatting got in the way.

Biggest event this year is being able to switch jobs. Work right now is largely different from what I was used to, but it’s all good so far :D

Okay, now I can’t believe that I just wrapped up those 12 months in such a short write-up haha. 2016 was a weird lengthy ride. I wrote in my previous year-end post that I hope that big and positive things happen this year. Well they’re definitely big and mostly positive haha.

Thank you to everyone who weathered this year with me. I’m kind of scared as to what 2017 will bring, on a personal level and on what’s happening around us right now. Let’s just all pray that we’ll be able to survive (with flying colors?) in the months ahead. Cheers!

Friday, November 25, 2016

out of the woodwork

A little more than a month and it’s the end of the year…(unsurprisingly) I barely updated this blog nor have I made enough traction with the personal projects I’ve listed. Oh well, good luck to me T__T

On the upside, I was just regularized last week in my current company. Wasn’t much of a big deal (didn’t get a notification or anything), but it was important to me personally given what I heard from coworkers.

Anyway, yay to being officially employed, lol. Off to Seoul next week ^^

Monday, August 15, 2016

why, hello

There were way too many crazy things that happened in the past few months. And I can’t elaborate here but I’m placing a cybermark in this blog so that n years from now and I feel like reminiscing, this will be THE post to trigger that lol.

As usual I have been remiss in updating this blog, even forgot to make a birthday post. Year 32 is shaping up to be eventful though. I officially resigned from my workplace of five years (longest evahhh, how did I manage to do that?) and I start my new job tomorrow. Nervous and excited at the same time since this post means a lot to me and I hope I can live up to their (and my own) expectations.

So yeah, I bungled up my farewell session to my friends of five years last Friday ‘cause I’ve been crying so much. I’ll miss not seeing these guys every day *sigh*

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

personal projects

I don’t believe in horoscopes, but they’re always a fun read (especially the crazy fortunes in Libre – do they still have those?) and it’s almost protocol to look yours up when you live in a non-Chinese country but you get a holiday during Chinese New Year. Anyway, I was browsing through mine (I’m Year of the Rat) and there’s one constant result among my search finds:

In 2016, the Chinese rat zodiac sign should focus on completion of the projects 
which are pending for the last couple of years.

Oh man, this is like the latest sign for me to stop procrastinating and finish all the projects that are gathering dust in the “work in progress” box. So in my effort to commit to them this year, I’ll be somewhat immortalizing my to-do personal project list in my blog.

now I ask myself why I’m committing to this at the end of the first quarter *facepalm*

1. Editing of all pending videos (that would be two travel mvs, two event vids, and three mini “for fun” videos), whoopeedoo~~~

2. Closing all the fictional stories that I started pre-2016 (that’s two long multi-chap fics with demanding readers). Finish a thorough outline for prospective novel.

3. Condo makeover: haven’t even made a budget for this but it will be mostly aesthetic. My walls are starting to bore me.

4. Peeling project: new project! *crosses fingers*

5. Travel financial plan: projections for UK2018

6. Finish reading East of Eden: I’m calling this. The book has been with me for more than a decade.

Now I need some cheese to power myself through these.