Saturday, February 20, 2010

still, marry me, kim bum


I don't regularly put up a post for Valentines Day (and it's a bit late now don't you think?), but after a four-episode marathon of Still, Marry Me, I had my fill of Kim Bum madness once again (read: LOVE...blurry connection to Valentines starting now). I had to say, this is the BEST role he has so far. I might be biased since I'm a fan of his but dang, how can you resist a business student and who at the same time fronts a popular indie band? The aggressive yet easy charm (just imagine how he manages THAT) way that he approaches Shin Young (the lead girl) slays me everytime. So, who could blame her? What 10-year age difference?

And then as I watch towards the end of ep. 8, I see THIS:

As an anime addict, this sent me OVER the moon...imagine me having a Sakura crush on Yukito or *gasp* he's THIS close to reminding me of Kadaj in Advent Children, bad ass that he is.

So continue on being your perfect self Kim Bum aka Ha Min Jae, you're making this noona VERY happy.

And here he is brushing his teeth and still looks hot doing it. Just sayin'...


Daene said...

"You're making this noona VERY happy." - LMAO!

Incidentally, SHINee's Minho also has a picture in one of their photobooks of him brushing his teeth, and with his trademark smouldering stare at that! These dongsaengs are the Universe's gifts to Noonas everywhere, seriously.

resident_nutty said...

smouldering stare while brushing his teeth? HAHAHA that ought to be a classic!

as long as kim bum doesn't appear drinking milk in a shot, safe pa ko. i went apoplectic when Taemin did that LOL

Daene said...

LMAO Taemin drinking milk in the Ring Ding Dong MV. Ring Ding Dong Jackpot! Haha.

Also, I see your Kim Bum brushing his teeth, and I raise you with this: hahaha!